Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 37: Vegetative Plant Development

Pre Test

In the asymmetric division that occurs in the angiosperm zygote, the larger cell gives rise to ________ while the smaller cell becomes the ___. (p. 743)
A)the seed coat; nucellus
B)nucellus; seed coat
C)embryo; suspensor
D)suspensor; embryo
E)nucellus, suspensor
All of the following are advantages plants receive from the ability to make seeds, EXCEPT: (p. 748)
A)Seeds allow dormancy for the embryo under unfavorable conditions.
B)Seeds have food reserves for the embryo.
C)Seeds allow compaction of the embryo so it can be dispersed efficiently.
D)Seeds allow efficient dispersal of embryos.
E)The sporophyte can contribute resources to the seed.
The fruit arises from a thickened, differentiated ovary wall. From what is the fruit created? (p. 750)
A)The sporophyte which accepted pollen from another partner
B)The gametophyte which accepted pollen from another partner
C)The sporophyte created by accepting pollen from another partner
D)The gametophyte created by accepting pollen from another partner
E)The zygote
Which feature defines whether germination has occurred? (p. 753)
A)A change in color in the seed coat
B)Cracking of the seed coat
C)Expansion of the cotyledons
D)Emergence of the radicle
E)Thickening of the ovary wall to become a fruit
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