Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 45: Sensory Systems

Video Quiz - Artificial Eye

Objective: Identify the key structure and function of the eye and offer details as to how an implant might be someday used to help restore partial vision in patients with retinal damage.

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Where does light that is passed through the lens end up focusing on?
A)The iris
B)The cornea
C)The choroids plexus
D)The retina

The retina is comprised of specialized cells called:
A)cones and rods
B)fibroblasts and chondrocytes
C)osteocytes and squamous cells
D)melanocytes and astrocytes

What is the leading cause of blindness today?
B)age related macular degeneration

What is the general principle of the retinal implant?
A)Stem cells are implanted into the deteriorating retina where they can become cones and rods.
B)The implant is able to conduct the light directly to the brain.
C)Converting images into electrical impulses that can stimulate any remaining healthy cells in the retina.
D)The retina is removed and the implant replaces it entirely.

Which of the following would best depict the progress made on this retinal implant research?
A)It has only been tried on rabbits at this point in the study.
B)It has been implanted in a few individuals who were severely blind and can now see light and dark and differentiate between three objects.
C)It has been widely used for patients with macular degeneration with tremendous success.
D)It has the promise of being a viable research effort when funding comes available.
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