Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 46: The Endocrine System

Video Quiz - Winter Mood

Objective: Identify the role that melatonin plays in a persons circadian rhythm and interventions used to assist in helping individuals who suffer from light deprivation and consequent melatonin fluctuations.

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What are the characteristics of Seasonal Affective Disorder?
A)trouble getting out of bed in the morning
B)they lose interest in social activities
C)generally feel blue
D)two of the above are characteristics
E)all of the above are characteristics

What is a well accepted therapy for SAD?
A)euphoria producing drugs
B)light therapy
C)modified diet
D)shock therapy

What hormone plays an influence in regulating our sleep patterns?
B)growth hormone

How does light therapy serve to assist people with SAD?
A)when light therapy is given at the end of the melatonin cycle there is an antidepressant effect because the biological clock is reset to the local time.
B)The infrared rays produced by the lamps, create a warming sensation that produced a calming effect.
C)The light therapy helps to stimulate the production of Vitamin D which is directly related to production of melatonin.
D)Electromagnetic waves stimulate the skin causing dilation of blood vessels and increasing circulation.

What is one of the issues identified in making light therapy ineffective?
A)It is too costly to run so many light banks.
B)People become too warm sitting under such intensity of light.
C)People don’t take the needed 30 minutes per day of light exposure.
D)People prefer taking anti-depressants.
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