Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 59: Conservation Biology

Post Test

Endemic species "hotspots" are particularly important for the preservation of biodiversity because: (p. 1240 )
A)they only occur in tropical rainforests which are particularly threatened.
B)in total they contain nearly half of the terrestrial species in the world.
C)they contain species found only in that area.
D)both b and c
E)none of the above
Why is biodiversity important for healthy ecosystems? (p. 1243)
A)We cannot predict the consequences of removing even one species.
B)Ecosystem stability is related to biodiversity.
C)It is not known for sure.
D)both and b
Why is the decline in amphibian populations of particular concern? (p 1246)
A)because of their aesthetic value
B)They have declined in well-protected, unpolluted habitats.
C)They are very sensitive to the environment.
D)It has occurred in particularly important ecosystems.
E)both b and c
Captive breeding programs followed by re-introduction of a species into the wild: (p. 1257)
A)can preserve unique genetic variation that otherwise would have been lost.
B)can restore the ecosystem to a healthy state.
C)usually fails.
D)both a and b
Corridors linking undisturbed areas of habitat are an effective way of helping preserve biodiversity because: (p. 1258)
A)they increase population sizes.
B)they allow recolonization if a population disappears in one area.
C)they provide routes for migrating species
D)all of the above
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