Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 59: Conservation Biology

Video Quiz - Ocean Fishing Ban

Objective: Identify various rationales for limiting or prohibiting the harvest of ocean fish.

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What is the key issue that face Marine Biology scientific research in this feature?
A)Warming ocean currents
B)The cause of disappearing fish populations
C)Impact of Tsunami’s on the biomass of the oceans
D)The cause of decreased natural predators in ocean food chains

Currently, how much of the oceans are estimated to be protected by fishing “no take” bans?

What was the critical contributing cause to the decline in fish populations identified in this feature?
A)rise in red algae toxins
B)impact of global warming on ocean temperatures
C)increased fishing capabilities
D)elevated levels of bacteria in marine waters

What is the argument against placing limits and bans on fishing?
A)Commercial fishing is a large employer for many people
B)Fish populations need to be regulated by humans to stabilize their numbers.
C)The impact on the boating industry would be detrimental
D)The fish will die of starvation if their numbers become too large

What are MPA’s?
A)Monitoring coastal surveillance equipment to detect protected species.
B)Saltwater restriction legislation that is being introduced from the federal government.
C)Marine protection areas where no fish are allowed to be harvested.
D)Banding systems on aquatic fish to tag them as a must release if caught.
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