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Plant Anatomy
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Plant Anatomy

Richard Crang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Andrey Vassilyev, St. Petersburg State University, Russia


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Unit 1: The Nature of Plants
Unit 2: Microscopy & Imaging
Unit 3: Preparation & Staining Techniques
Unit 4: General Cell Structure
Unit 5: Mitosis, Cytokinesis & Apical Meristems
Unit 6: Cell Walls
Unit 7: Parenchyma & Collenchyma
Unit 8: Sclerenchyma
Unit 9: Epidermis
Unit 10: Vascular Tissues: Xylem
Unit 11: Vascular Tissues: Phloem
Unit 12: Vascular Cambium
Unit 13: The Root: Primary State of Growth
Unit 14: The Root: Secondary Growth & Modifications
Unit 15: The Stem: Primary & Secondary States of Growth
Unit 16: Wood: Taxonomic Variation
Unit 17: Permiderm
Unit 18: Secretory Structures
Unit 19: The Leaf: Basic Organization
Unit 20: The Leaf: Ecological Anatomy
Unit 21: Female Reproductive Structures
Unit 22: Male Reproductive Structures
Unit 23: Fruits, Seeds & Seedlings
Unit 24: Analytical Plant Anatomy
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Botany Issues Map
Plant Tissues
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Welcome to the website that supports the Electronic Plant Anatomy CD-ROM by Crang and Vassilyev.

The Electronic Plant Anatomy CD-ROM deals with the structural characteristics of mature and developing cells, tissues, and organs of seed plants. Anatomical structures of flowering plants are given special emphasis. It is intended to serve as a complete guide for beginning college/university students in plant anatomy, as well as a reference for advanced studies in various fields of plant biology.

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