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ISBN: 0072992212
Copyright year: 2005

Instructors Are Saying...

"This is a terrific program that uses realistic college scenarios to explain and illustrate sociological concepts quite effectively. I'm especially impressed with the range of concepts that you've been able to incorporate into the story lines using just three main characters. ...I would especially want to discuss (at intervals throughout the program) the basic sociological perspectives the characters are drawing from in making their decisions. At each decision point, I might also draw out the positive and negative aspects of the characters' decisions in more detail, as a way of further exploring these sociological concepts. Without a doubt, this program would appeal to my students! ...I would probably take the students through the entire program (and all of its possible permutations) over the course of three or four class periods, right at the beginning of the semester. ...This is why I'd make use of the whole thing at the start of the semester, as a fun way of introducing students to the concepts we'll be studying later in the semester. would work well with any 'standard' introductory sociology textbook ...I can say with absolute certainty that I will use this program as soon as it is made available! It looks like a fabulous discussion and learning tool." --Rebecca Matthews, sociology instructor, University of Iowa

"I think Reel Society has potential to demonstrate sociological concepts, especially sociological imagination. ...I can see it as assigned material to stimulate the next day's discussion. ...I can see this as a valuable tool. I have often wished that I had the time to tape television shows that could be used to cover concepts in Introduction to Sociology. This would solve my problem." --Cheryl Tieman, sociology instructor, Radford University

"The sociology seemed sound to me and does a great job on the three perspective - something I always find difficult to teach effectively in introductory classes. This was very concrete and illustrated how social theory and concepts can actually illuminate our social world, and provide students with effective 'tools' for considering not only the 'world out there,' but their own role in social construction and social change. ...It's very difficult to find believable and interactive materials that students would find engaging. This fills a real need." --Jan Abu Shakrah, sociology instructor, Portland Community College

"I applaud the idea of using an Iranian-American woman in this enactment. Much of her role, what she does and says, rings true." --Grant Farr, sociology instructor, Portland State University

Kate Bagley of Westfield State College would "definitely" try Reel Society for teaching introductory sociology and she told her colleagues about it.

Gordon Robinson of Springfield College: "Very effective; seems to be on the cutting-edge. I am very excited about this technological advance, including the content." He would "definitely" use it in teaching an introductory course and he is "thrilled with the prospect of using Reel Society!"

Karen Straight of Cape Cod Community College would "absolutely" use Reel Society for teaching introductory sociology.

Reel Society Interactive Movie CD Version 2.0

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