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Reel Society Interactive Movie CD Version 2.0

WILL Interactive
McGraw-Hill Higher Education

ISBN: 0072992212
Copyright year: 2005

What's New

  • An all new story line and entirely new interactive movie footage in a second CD-ROM extends the Reel Society coverage to all major introductory sociology topics.
  • Version 2.0 includes Tables of Contents to selected McGraw-Hill textbooks that link directly with related interactive movie scenes.
  • With the new Study Mode, you watch and interact with the movie scenes linked to specific topics and textbook chapters, while doing frequent self-assessments, discussion questions, and homework assignments, topic- and chapter-specific and ideal for test preparation. In addition to the review and self-assessment activities on the CD, additional activities and homework assignments are available on the Reel Society 2.0 website.
  • The improved Story Mode--for watching the interactive movie as a film or TV program and making decisions for the main character--now includes Topic Summaries and links to online assessment activities, ideal for review.
  • Scorecard tracks a student’s completion of CD-ROM assignments and reports completion status to the instructor using new e-mail and print features.
  • A thorough, updated, 50-page Instructor’s Guide on the new 2.0 Instructor's CD provides detailed directions and suggestions for using the interactive movie as part of an introductory sociology course.
  • Instructor Customization with the Instructor’s CD--set the viewing options and assignments to display: to show or not show the learning objectives, explanatory text, self-assessments, quizzes, and discussion, essay, and poll questions.
  • A new companion Reel Society 2.0 website offers resources for both students and instructors.
Reel Society Interactive Movie CD Version 2.0

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