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ISBN: 0072992212
Copyright year: 2005

Students Are Saying...

What students are saying about Reel Society.

(From a focus group with students from William Patterson University and Bergen Community College.)

  • "I feel the software helps me understand what I'm learning. I get a better understanding when they have the discussion with the people on the video. I feel like I am part of the discussion which helps me learn a lot."
  • "You have a 'hands on' interaction. It helps you understand and learn more."
  • "It is very interactive. It puts you in the situation making it easier to understand and relate."
  • "Shows the reality - how difficult it is to make decisions at times and shows the different individual's points of view and explains how they feel and relates that to society."
  • "It was 'hands on.' So you understand things better, you are almost forced to be a part of it. You have to make decisions."
  • "It was a better way to learn - entertaining; you want to see what's going to happen."
  • "When you make a decision, it makes you want to learn more - to go back and see what happens if you made a different decision."
  • "Interactive -- the viewer can be different personalities."
  • "Use in class instead of PowerPoint and get a few [Reel Society] CDs to cover different issues and to work with whatever chapter you are on."
  • "This could be our homework instead of making us go online and do the discussions or assignments that don't really make sense."
  • "I just learned most of the midterm in five minutes!"
  • "We can read this at home and discuss in class what we saw in the movie."
  • "You need the textbook with it, but maybe a smaller textbook."
  • "It is great for online class since we don't 'see' the teacher. It would be a good way to interact."
  • "Definitions/Summary was helpful to have interspersed with the video. I didn't mind reading the screen."
Reel Society Interactive Movie CD Version 2.0

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