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Practice Problems
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In making hiring decisions, employers place top priority on all of the following EXCEPT:
A)Good communication skills.
B)Strong technical skills.
C)The ability to work well with others.
D)A positive attitude.
Some students think that they will never have to write on the job for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
A)Secretaries will do all writing required in my job.
B)I will use the phone for all of my communication needs.
C)I am being hired as an engineer, not a writer.
D)Nobody pays any attention to written communication anymore.
Semantics is
A)A socio-cultural process.
B)A means of transmitting information to different types of audiences.
C)The study of how communication symbols influence our behavior.
D)A type of noise that interferes with communication.
Oral communication channels are the best choice for
A)Eliminating psychological noise.
B)Preventing a misunderstanding from occurring.
C)Making decisions in a group.
D)Conveying important messages where the cost of communication is high.
If Misha says "We'll either have to pay what our supplier demands or else do without new equipment until the next budget year," she is violating a(n)
A)Theory of communication.
B)Technique for reducing communication noise.
C)Ethical precept.
D)Semantic principle.
To guard against acting on an inference as if the statement were an observation, you should
A)Simplify the statement in order to eliminate complex details that may be causing confusion.
B)Try to verify the accuracy of the statement by getting more information.
C)Test the statement on several of your peers to see if most of them would accept it as a factual observation.
D)Avoid taking any action, since you can't be sure the statement is accurate.
According to McGill professor Henry Mintzberg, managers have three basic jobs. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
A)To collect and convey information.
B)To make decisions.
C)To increase the monetary value of the company each and every fiscal year.
D)To promote interpersonal unity.
An example of external communication would be
A)A purchasing agent talking on a cell phone to a vendor.
B)A salesperson sending an e-mail with an attachment to his manager.
C)A manager at the corporate office sending a memo to a manager at a retail location in another province.
D)Company sales representatives in several locations holding a teleconference, led by a regional manager.
A company's annual report is written for all of the following purposes EXCEPT:
A)To persuade.
B)To build goodwill.
C)To present information.
D)To comply with government regulations.
When Vijay helps a group of unemployed youth in the community set up a car washing service, providing a small loan and some business mentoring from his accounting firm, he is engaging in
A)Reputation enhancement.
B)Impact investing.
C)Team work.
D)Social entrepreneurship.
If you analyzed a business message and saw that it treated all stakeholders fairly and was sensitive to all stakeholders' needs, would you classify the message as:
A)A promotional message.
B)An ethical message.
C)An informative message.
D)A culturally sensitive message.
Good writing skills help you to do all of the following EXCEPT:
A)Obscure ideas.
B)Make your efforts more effective.
C)Communicate your points more clearly.
D)Save time.
You recently started a new job, and you're dismayed by the long, disorganized weekly team meetings. What should you do?
A)Send your boss a polite e-mail outlining your experience with effective meetings and offering to chair the next one.
B)Borrow a video on running effective meetings to show at the next team session.
C)Say nothing. First try to learn if there's a reason why the meetings are run that way.
D)Arrange lunch with some of your peers to gain their support for fixing the inefficient meetings.
Does the following offer meet the criteria for effective business communication? – "You can get a full refund if you return the defective reciever before we release our new model."
A)No, because it doesn't give the reader the deadline for returning the product and it has a spelling error.
B)No, because it's not clear.
C)No, because it doesn't give the reader an alternative, such as a product credit or a free replacement.
D)Yes, because it's concise, courteous and would build goodwill with the customer.
All of the following are criteria for effective business writing EXCEPT:
A)The message is clear.
B)The message is accurate.
C)The message is what the reader wants to hear.
D)The message builds goodwill.

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