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Practice Test
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The Chartered Professional Accountant Competency Map identifies 7 enabling competencies for accountants.
Important calls require follow-up letters, memos or email messages.
The choice of communication channel depends on
A)Your expertise in using a particular channel.
B)How expensive it is to use a particular channel.
C)Your purpose, your audience and the situation.
D)Your manager's instructions about which channel to use.
The feedback stage in the communication process is
A)The sender's responsibility to initiate.
B)Needed in order to clarify and confirm understanding.
C)Most useful when it is direct and immediate.
D)Not used in some very formal and polite corporate cultures.
Failing to use the level of formality considered appropriate by the audience
A)Will be considered only a minor error if you are new to the organization.
B)Is an example of psychological noise.
C)Is an example of socio-cultural noise.
D)Is becoming less important in the era of globalization, where different audiences tend to merge into one.
Why could the following statement lead to miscommunication? – "Profits increased by 10%, and our long-term debt was cut in half."
A)It's a frozen evaluation - it doesn't provide a time frame of reference so the audience knows how long it took to produce those results or when they were achieved.
B)It lacks politeness – it doesn't give credit to the people responsible for those achievements.
C)It doesn't build goodwill – it assumes all the audience cares about is money.
D)It's too concise – it should include exact dollar figures.
You should never assume that even the most detailed, carefully prepared report contains all of the information you need.
Most messages have more than one purpose.
A job description is an example of a(n)
A)External document.
B)Internal document.
C)Policy document.
D)Appraisal document.
An insurance company builds a Web site that allows its customers to set up or change automatic withdrawals from their bank accounts to pay monthly premiums. What has the company created?
A)A reduction in goodwill, reminding customers of how much they have to pay in premiums every month.
B)An intranet.
C)An extranet.
D)A customer monitoring system.
Silence is never a legitimate response in a business communication situation.
The misuse of e-mail
A)Can be managed by improving your multitasking abilities.
B)Is carefully monitored by most companies.
C)Encourages employees to become more discriminating in the messages they read and answer.
D)Leads to information overload and lost productivity.
Whether a message meets the criteria of effective business communication depends partly on
A)How many channels the communicator uses.
B)Whether the company realizes the value of investing in good written communication.
C)The interaction among the writer, the audience and the purpose(s) of the message.
D)The communicator's years of experience.

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