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Practice Problems
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Good document design saves money by doing all of the following EXCEPT:
A)Preventing errors.
B)Reducing the number of phone calls from customers who do not understand what they are supposed to do.
C)Freeing employees to do other work.
D)Requiring fewer people to produce the document.
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of good document design?
A)Well-designed documents enhance the writer's credibility.
B)Well-designed documents reduce legal liability.
C)Well-designed documents take less time to write.
D)Well-designed documents are easier to read.
Which of the following is NOT a consideration that may influence the design of a document while you're planning and writing it?
A)Whether your readers are busy.
B)Whether information can be broken up using headings and lists.
C)Whether your readers will likely skip around in your document or read it from beginning to end.
D)Whether you will have enough time to design an effective document.
The eye moves in a Z pattern; therefore the four quadrants of the page carry different visual weight. Which of the following is the first important quadrant the reader will see?
A)Top right
B)Top left
C)Bottom right
D)Bottom left
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of headings?
A)They break up the page, making it look less formidable and more interesting.
B)They enable your reader to see how the document is organized at a glance.
C)They help the reader turn quickly to sections of special interest.
D)They make a document shorter.
Which of the following is NOT a way to improve white space?
A)Use headings.
B)Use lists.
C)Use paragraphs of uniform length.
D)Use bullets.
For years, graphic designers have used a grid system to design pages. A grid imposes imaginary _____ on the page.
To show correlations, use any of the following EXCEPT
A)A dot chart.
B)A bar chart.
C)A pie chart.
D)A line graph.
Bar charts
A)Are easy to interpret because most people can compare distance along a common scale accurately.
B)Help the audience focus on specific numbers.
C)Should not be used if the labels are long.
D)Should not be used if any of the values are negative.
As a general guideline, use hyperlinks in your Web site to connect your story to any of the following EXCEPT
A)A more extensive context.
B)A page you want to make sure readers see while they're visiting your site.
C)Other people's stories.
D)A broader network.
The home page design of a website needs to clearly communicate all of the following EXCEPT:
A)Company name and logo.
B)Personalized recommendations or testimonials.
C)What the Company does.
D)What users can do on the site.
When designing slides for PowerPoint and other presentation programs, you should keep all of the following guidelines in mind EXCEPT:
A)Make only six to seven points on each slide.
B)Use bullet point phrases rather than complete sentences.
C)Customize your slides with a company logo, charts, photos, and drawings.
D)Use clear, concise language.
Effective brochures do all of the following EXCEPT
A)Use the Z pattern to emphasize important points for each spread the reader sees.
B)Repeat graphic elements (such as photos and headings) across panels.
C)Contain contrast between text and images, and between font sizes.
D)Present a different reader benefit on each spread the reader sees.
The picture you choose for the cover of a brochure should do all of the following EXCEPT:
A)Tell a story.
B)Work for the audience.
C)Fill a lot of space.
D)Portray people.
What percentage of usability problems can you reasonably expect a test with just five users to reveal?
A usability test reveals whether your Web site design is
A)Attractive to your target audience.
B)Sufficiently rich in reader benefits.
C)Sufficiently bias-free.

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