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Practice Test
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Good document design is particularly important when your readers
A)Will probably skip around in the document instead of reading it straight through from beginning to end.
B)Are senior citizens.
C)It's always important to think about your readers, regardless of what type of audience will read the document.
D)Are not very well educated.
It's not important to ask reviewers for feedback on your document design. Their time should be reserved for giving you feedback on the content.
You're reviewing your assistant's draft of a report on productivity at the three manufacturing plants your company runs. The report compares investments in new technology at each plant in each of the past five years with the error rates at the corresponding plants each year, and concludes that for each $100,000 invested, the company saves $25,000 in rework due to errors. The report includes one bar graph showing the total investment made in all three plants during each of the past five years. Your suggestion to your assistant regarding visuals would be
A)To add bars showing total dollars saved to the graph that shows total dollars invested.
B)To eliminate the bar graph and use a separate table for each plant and for each year instead, because the information is too detailed to be conveyed accurately in a graph.
C)To include more graphs (one for each plant, or one for each year, for instance). The report needs more visuals because it contains a lot of numerical data, broken down by plant and by year, and because it focus on the relationship between spending money on new technology and saving money on rework caused by errors.
D)Not to use any visuals, because you want readers to focus on the actual numbers in the text of the report rather than on colourful graphs.
The maximum number of fonts you should use in one document is
C)It depends on the type of document.
A heading in all capital letters, such as THIRD QUARTER EARNINGS BEAT ANALYSTS' EXPECTATIONS,
A)(a). Is easier to read than a heading that capitalizes only the first letter of each word.
B)Takes longer to read because we recognize words by their shapes, but words in capital letters all have the same shape.
C)Is more difficult to read in a fixed font than in a proportional font.
D)Is a good choice for the main heading of a document, because it appears more important than the mixed upper- and lower-case headings within the document.
In a table, it is acceptable to simplify the data by rounding off numbers, even if 56% is not actually the same – or as accurate - as 55.675%.
One growing problem with using photographs as visuals is that
A)As societies become more multicultural, it's increasingly difficult to find public domain photos that represent an accurate cross-section of a particular group.
B)Photos can be edited with software to portray a product or event as something real, even though it isn't.
C)It's becoming too expensive to print coloured photographs, and readers are so accustomed to colour photos that black-and-white printed versions don't seem "real" to them.
D)Anyone who is looking for some type of bias to criticize in a photo will be able to find it.
Your company's homepage design is primarily
A)The thing that will determine whether visitors place an online order.
B)The source of visitors' first and lasting impression of your company.
C)Like the front door of a building – it might influence visitors a bit, but the more detailed content they find in other parts of your site will be far more important in determining whether they want to do business with you.
D)Just a guide to direct them to the parts of your site that would most interest them.
Your Web site design should be primarily
A)As different as possible from the design of competitors' sites.
B)Aimed at keeping support costs to a minimum.
C)Like the sites of others in your industry, to avoid confusing visitors who are looking for a particular type of product or service.
If the lights will be left on during a presentation so the audience can take notes, the presentation slides should have a dark background.
You're creating a presentation to show the representatives in your sales force the new printer that your company will be introducing. For this presentation, you should
A)Use animation to assign "superman" qualities to the printer (showing it jumping around the office and leaping over cubicle walls, for instance), to suggest an approach that sales reps could use when they're presenting the printer to their customers.
B)Not use any animation because it would distract your audience from listening to you as you describe the product's features.
C)Use animation to build their interest in a key feature, such as how quickly the new product prints pages.
D)Use animation to entertain them so they won't be bored during your presentation.
If your design is visually appealing, you can be almost certain that readers will be able to use the document effectively.
How many different types of usability tests does it take to gain useful information?
B)Only one, but it should be repeated with different users.
D)Only one, but it must be followed up by a focus group with the same users before the results will be useful.

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