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Practice Test
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A successful cross-cultural communicator has all of the following traits EXCEPT:
A)Sensitivity to both verbal and nonverbal behaviours.
B)Ability to generalize the characteristics of a culture.
C)Alertness to differences among individuals within a culture.
D)Openness to change.
Which of the following is NOT a source of diversity in the workplace?
A)Different sexual orientations.
B)Different social classes.
C)Different wage rates.
D)Different abilities.
In order to succeed in business in Asia, you would need to know
A)Which senior political leaders are deeply involved in the company with which you're doing business.
B)The major differences between your own culture and the Asian culture.
C)The Confucian work ethic.
D)When to listen, when to ask for help, when to speak.
The Netherlands is one of Canada's top ten trading partners.
A business golf game is entirely consistent with the characteristics of the North American low-context culture.
In the high-context culture of China, business is based on
A)What you know, not whom you know.
B)Relationships, trust and respect.
C)A clear, honest exchange of information.
D)Detailed written contracts.
You and Alan, your business partner, are meeting with a potential customer from China. A large order is at stake, and Alan is nervous about how your presentation will be received. All through the meeting you notice that he's shifting around in his chair, twirling his pen around his fingers and repositioning his laptop on the table. The Chinese prospect would likely interpret Alan's body language
A)Negatively, as a sign of dishonesty.
B)Positively, as an indication of energy and excitement about the potential order.
C)Positively, as a mark of Alan's feelings of inferiority in the presence of such an important prospect.
D)Negatively, as a sign of lack of mental or spiritual balance.
Your project report is finally done, and you want your new assistant, Gulika, to create an accompanying set of PowerPoint slides for you to present at the final project evaluation meeting. You explain which points you want to highlight and which charts you want to include. You also tell her how much time you'll have on the agenda, and remind her not to put too much information on any one slide. Gulika doesn't say anything, but spends a long time looking intently at each page of your printed report. "Now what does that mean?" you wonder. "Does she not understand what I want? Or is spending forever looking intently at something a way that people from India show how important they consider it to be? Would an Indian assistant think she's not entitled to modify her manager's report by turning it into slides? Or is she finding something wrong with it and isn't sure how to tell me?" What is the best way to clarify the meaning of Gulika's silent and lengthy study of your report?
A)Ask her directly – "Why are you spending so long looking at each page of my report?"
B)State an observation, such as "I see you're studying the pages of my report very intently," and wait for a response that will explain what her action means.
C)Don't make her uncomfortable by drawing attention to her unusual action. You'll be able to see the meaning when you get the slides.
D)Mention your previous assistant's quick uptake to let Gulika know how you expect her to handle such requests.
When two countries share a common business language, business ventures between them will almost always be successful because communication barriers are overcome right from the beginning.
When a speaker's tone of voice and the meaning of his or her words conflict, listeners will believe the meaning of the words.
You've just joined a new company and are attending the regular quarterly meeting where senior executives explain the financial results to employees. During her segment, the president speaks in a very animated style, frequently changing the tone, pitch and stress in her voice. From her voice qualities, you would likely consider your new leader to be
A)Disorganized and flighty.
B)Energetic, enthusiastic and intelligent.
C)Too young and immature for her job.
D)Using a dynamic presentation style to disguise a lack of content.
When you're writing a letter to someone in another country, which form of the date should you use?
A)December 1, 2015.
B)01 Dec., 2015.
D)1 December, 2015.
When writing to an international audience, you should remember that most other cultures are ________________ than Canada's.
A)More formal.
B)More direct.
C)More ambiguous.
D)More tolerant of errors.

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