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Writing Activity 1 - Classification Essay
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"The Freshman [or Woman] Fifteen"

Write a classification essay advising university and college students how to maintain good health habits.
Essay – 800 to 1000 words

The Freshman Fifteen: The very sound of it sends dread through the hearts of students considering their future studies. Is it true that gaining weight is inevitable once students start studying and adjusting to campus life? If so, why, and what can be done about it? Some researchers suggest that this weight gain, while not necessarily as much as fifteen pounds [or equivalent kilos], still represents a significant risk. Most also suggest that good health practices can be maintained even during a hectic academic schedule, with just a bit of awareness and planning.

Read the following reports about "The Freshman Fifteen" as well as the Health Canada advice. Then, write a classification essay promoting your own campus health survival plan aimed at new college or university students. Construct a thesis statement using a controlling idea regarding a healthy lifestyle for students, and support it by classifying your suggestions into three main areas. Use evidence from these and other sources, and be sure to provide many helpful examples to make your guide both an informative and interesting 'survival tool'.

If appropriate, you may focus on a particular culture that may have specific preferences; if so, be sure to indicate such in your thesis statement. Use a style and tone appropriate to your purpose. For example, if this is intended as a reference aide, use academic or professional language, avoiding the first person. If, however, this is intended as a more personalized and informal guide, use a friendly voice. In either case, provide full references in MLA or APA format.

Some articles to start with:

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