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Writing Activity 6 - Classification Research Essay
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Text and Internet Game: The Alternatives to Violent Video and Computer Games – Using an article from Physicians for Global Survival (Canada).

Suggested length – 1200 to 1500 words

According to the anti-nuclear organization, Physicians for Global Survival (Canada), violent video or computer games desensitize children and youth to brutality. The organization states that such games contribute to young people seeking the use of force and harm rather than more constructive solutions, to settle conflict. Consequently, in their report "Video Games that Promote Positive Social Change", the authors argue that there is a societal responsibility to make alternative games available, not only to model peaceful and constructive solutions to problems, but also to promote an understanding of world issues among youth. The report also contains links to games it deems more appropriate than the commercial and violent ones children regularly play.

What do you think? Do older adults overreact to negative aspects of technology, or are their concerns legitimate? Further, do the 'positive' games that Physicians for Global Survival promote serve as viable alternatives? What qualities must a video game have to compete with intensely-marketed commercial games? Read the short article here:

To assess the stance that Physicians for Global Survival take, research the evidence about the effects on youth of violence in technology, specifically computer games. Then, determine the extent to which standard games pose risks. Finally, review one of their recommended games. Do the alternate games fulfill their tasks of entertaining and informing youth? What elements should be included in a game to make it appealing to a young audience? Would children or teenagers play a free game that is recommended in the article? Would they actually purchase any of them? What suggestions would you make to both the concerned physicians and their game developers?

Write a thesis statement that clarifies your point of view, and support it by dividing your researched material into three appropriate classifications. Give full explanatory details and specific examples in order to convince your audience of your point of view regarding the role of violence in computer games for young people and the elements of a successful game.

Download a sample of a game developed by the U.N. World Food Programme, simulating supplying food to a famine area. [Warning: This is a big file - 221 MB]


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