Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 1: The Science of Biology

Video Quiz - Needing Herbicide

Objective: Identify the role that pesticides can play in crop management and the dangers and distinctions of plant tolerance and resistance.

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What is the major concern with the Morning Glory plants found in farmer’s fields?
A)Too many bees are found in the area.
B)It makes it hard to till the soil for planting.
C)Difficulty in harvesting because the vines bind up the machinery.
D)They compete for essential nutrients in the soil.

What is glyphosphate?
A)An additional supplement used on the plant roots.
B)An amino acid required for soy bean production.
C)A chemical used as a pesticide that prevents amino acid production.
D)A product produced by Morning Glories that is an inhibitor to soybean growth.

What would most closely be associated with plant tolerance?
A)A measure of how many seeds it produces after it has been exposed to a pesticide.
B)A plant’s ability to withstand pesticide exposure with no effect.
C)A plant’s ability to withstand harsh temperatures.
D)A measure of how long a plant can go without water.

What is being done to genetically modified plants to help ensure their success?
A)Genetically engineered plants are designed to be resistant to certain pesticides so that they are not affected by them.
B)Many plants are now given the ability to produce the pesticide in their own leaves.
C)These plants are raised in controlled environments only that prevent exposure to other competing species of plants.
D)The GM plants have the ability to take up water more readily than other plants.

What appears to be the best solution currently for helping to reduce the likelihood of evolutionary tolerance?
A)Stop using the glyphosphate entirely.
B)Use crop rotation to ensure nutrient cycling.
C)Periodically stop or change the type of pesticide being used.
D)Find a way to eradicate all unwanted plant species.
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