Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 10: How Cells Divide

Video Quiz - Drug Discovery

Objective: Address the potential to silence certain microRNA’s that are thought to be disease causing.

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In general, what do micro RNA’s do in the body?
A)Work as an alternative to ribosomes when needed.
B)Aid in intracellular digestion.
C)Help in DNA replication.
D)They are able to control gene expression in cells.

How do antagomirs function?
A)Stop DNA transcription.
B)Prevent active transport across the cell membrane.
C)Match up with a specific microRNA that block its ability to function.
D)Prevent translation at ribosomes.

What specific research was done to identify the value that antagomir drugs might play in micro RNA silencing?
A)Mice liver microRNA were given the drug and responded with decreased cholesterol production.
B)The drug was administered to tissue culture to see if the tissue would fail to divide.
C)Chicken eggs were inoculated with the drug to see if they would fail to continue developing.
D)Human volunteers were given either a placebo or actual microRNA to determine whether any effect could be identified.

What are the possible clinical applications for human beings?
A)A cure to diabetes
B)Prevention of cystic fibrosis
C)Diseases whose effect is caused by genes having increased activity.
D)A new treatment for Down’s syndrome.

How many micro RNA’s are estimated to be found in the human genome?
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