Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 10: How Cells Divide

Video Quiz - Melanoma Marker

Objective: Identify the genetic screening devices that area assisting in the early diagnosis of melanoma.

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The biggest issues in melanoma pathology is often
A)determining if a cancer is malignant or benign.
B)convincing the patient to have their skin evaluated.
C)identifying the location it is found on the body.
D)performing the biopsy of the tissue in question.

What advantage would having a genetic profile of melanoma provide?
A)Genetic counseling to couples preparing to have a child.
B)Decision making ability on the amount of sun block to wear.
C)Earlier and more accurate diagnosis of whether the skin lesion is melanoma.
D)Predicting ability as to whether a person will actually get cancer at some point in their life.

What genetic screening tool is used to detect the danger of a melanoma?
A)gel electrophoresis
B)microarray genetic profile
C)plasmid insertion technique
D)base substitution analysis

Past experience had thought that melanomas
A)were always lethal.
B)were directly attributed to sunlight exposure.
C)always were an inherited condition.
D)when found in their early radial phase were less likely to spread.

What has been one of the technical difficulties in early detection of melanoma?
A)Difficulty of extracting cells from primary melanomas because of their small size.
B)Challenges in growing the cells in tissue culture.
C)Too many genes involved to examine.
D)The cells don’t actually become detectable until they are in their later stages.
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