Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 10: How Cells Divide

Video Quiz - Targeting Cancer

Objective: Elaborate on the use of nanoshell assisted therapy as an alternative to chemotherapy in eradicating cancers from the body.

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What is the notable benefit of nanoshell assisted therapy over chemotherapy cancer treatments?
A)It destroys the cancerous tissue more quickly
B)It can be done in the privacy of your own home
C)It is taken orally, so there is less pain with administering the therapy
D)It does not cause nausea, fatigue, hair loss

How is the nanoshell selective as to identifying the cancerous tissue?
A)It is coated with a material that makes it stick only to cancer cells.
B)It finds the cancer cells by measuring interferon levels being released by cells.
C)It seeks the tumors by identifying higher levels of glucose metabolism.
D)It is able to identify cells that have lost their ability to function normally.

What is used to activate the nanoshell?
A)Metabolic wastes are the trigger to activate the nanoshell.
B)The water in the cells is absorbed into the nanoshell material.
C)Infrared light causes the nanoshell to heat up to very high temperatures.
D)Nanoshells detect the leucocyte (white blood cell) levels in the cancerous tissue which prompt their activity.

What type of testing has been done to this point on nanotechnology assisted cancer therapy?
A)mice with colon cancer
B)rabbits with retinal cancers
C)humans with brain cancer
D)rats with cancer of the lung

Research findings to date indicate that nanoshell assisted therapy is:
D)2 of these
E)All of these
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