Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 31: Fungi

Pre Test

Why is the position within a classification system difficult to determine for deuteromycetes? (p. 604)
A)They appear to be polyphyletic.
B)They don't contain chitin in their cell walls.
C)Fungi are often grouped according to their sexual reproduction strategies: sex in deuteromycetes has not been observed.
D)All of the above are reasons for this lack of classification.
E)None of the above are reasons for this lack of classification.
Between cells of filamentous hyphae are incomplete walls that allow cytoplasmic continuity between them and rapid growth. What is their name? (p. 605)
A)Partition fenestrae
Which basic feature is often used to assign fungi to a particular lineage, such as Glomeromycota and Deuteromycetes? (p. 607)
A)Size of spores
B)Type of food consumed
C)Mode of sexual reproduction
D)Types of tissues found in the mycelium
E)Geographic location where the fungi are found
The chytrids are distinguished by which feature, not found in other fungi? (p. 608)
A)They are the only group which has flagellated zoospores.
B)Only chytrids can grow in the soil.
C)They are most closely related to the ancestors to fungi.
D)They can form diploid cells through mitotic division.
E)They have a sporophyte and gametophyte stage.
In the zygomycetes, when are complete walls (septa) formed in the mycelium? (p. 609)
A)During periods of stress
B)Just after mitosis
C)At the conclusion of meiosis
D)In the sporangiophore supporting the sporangium
E)During the formation of gametangia or sporangia
True or false: Glomeromycetes must be associated with the root system of a host plant in order to survive. (p. 610)
Ascomycetes are named for their characteristic sacs. What is found in them? (p. 610)
A)Toxins that protect the mycelium from being eaten
B)Energy-rich alcohols they produce through fermentation
C)First the zygote, then haploid products of its meiosis
D)Digestive enzymes
E)Small cells which bud off a larger mother cell
True or false: The basidium, the structure for which the basidiomycetes is named, is the name for the stalk which holds up the cap. (p. 612)
True or false: The deuteromycetes are a polyphyletic group. (p. 613)
During mycorrhizal associations with plants, the fungus provides ___ to the plant, and the plant provides ____ to its symbiont. (p. 615)
A)water and nitrogen; phosphorous
B)ions and increased surface area; organic carbon
C)water and increased surface area; phosphorous
D)ions and organic carbon; water and nitrogen
E)phosphorous; water and increased surface area
Spoilage of food by fungi can result in it becoming (p. 618)
A)bad tasting.
C)capable of causing brain damage.
D)all of the above
E)only two of the above
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