Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 47: The Musculoskeletal System

Video Quiz - Nano Bones

Objective: Students will identify the nature of bone composite and explore new alternatives to the key components required for bone strength and flexibility.

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One of the key age related diseases facing the baby boomers generation is:
A)degeneration of bone integrity
B)severe acne
D)infrequent urination

What is the downside to knee replacement surgery?
A)the metal materials require periodic oiling to lubricate
B)it can only be performed once in a lifetime
C)pain and discomfort in bending the joint across the skin
D)minimal scarring

A current research alternative to knee replacement involves
A)growing new bone that is both fibrous and strong.
B)homografts from willed body donors.
C)electrotherapy on the muscles around the knee joint.
D)cessation of all exercise strain on the joint.

Nanotubes are made of
A)nine pieces of thin titanium molded into the needed knee parts
B)carbon atoms linked to each other to resemble collagen
C)coral harvested from warm ocean waters
D)finite particles of heated silicon

In the carbon nanotube joint replacement alternative, what would provide the bone strength?
A)The titanium metal inserted into the knee cap
B)The carbon atoms themselves
C)Pieces of titanium are woven between the fibers to give it both strength and compression ability.
D)Calcium ions that are attracted to the carbon fiber
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