Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 51: The Immune System

Video Quiz - Bug Speak

Objective: Explain how bacteria are being evaluated for their ability to communicate with each other and detail how it is proposed that this knowledge could lead to the development of new antibiotic approaches.

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How do bacteria communicate with each other?
A)Flashing patterns of light
B)Odor attractants
C)Chemical molecules

What is this type of communication known as?
A)Quorum sensing
B)Bacterial Behaviorism
C)Microbial communication
D)Waggle dance

When are the genes turned on for chemical expression?
A)When they encounter anaerobic conditions
B)When the temperature exceeds their norms
C)When their population number reaches a critical count
D)When food is no longer available

One of the interesting findings about bacteria communication is that
A)they seem to have a universal language between all bacterial species.
B)only the bacteria that cause diseases are capable of doing this.
C)they only send out communication signals when antibiotics are present.
D)they communicate much more often in children with infection than adults.

How is using bacterial communication knowledge as a proposed antibiotic method intended to work?
A)The antibiotic would prohibit mitochondria from working to produce ATP.
B)The antibiotic would stop ribosomes from producing proteins
C)The antibiotic would stop the gene expression or detection of chemical signals.
D)The antibiotic would destroy the cell wall of the bacterium.
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