Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 51: The Immune System

Video Quiz - E-Coli Wars

Objective: Identify current research efforts on preventing infection from E coli.

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In what food is E coli contamination most prevalent?
A)Chicken Eggs
B)Ground Beef
D)Shell fish

Where is e-coli actually found in beef?
A)In the fat
B)On the surface of the meat
C)In the muscle fiber itself
D)On any bones that are in the cut of meat

Why is hamburger a much more dangerous site of bacterial contamination?
A)Because it is likely older than fresh cuts of meat.
B)Because it is never cooked enough to destroy the bacteria.
C)Because it is less expensive than other cuts of meat.
D)Because it is made from many cuts of meat who have had their surfaces ground up and are now in the interior and less likely to get heated a temperature that will kill the bacteria.

The likely symptoms of E coli infection include all of the following except:
B)Abdominal pain.
D)Skin rash.

Which of the following is one of the key precautions in reducing exposure to E coli?
A)Always be sure the hamburger is slightly frozen when starting to cook it.
B)Cook the burgers until the interior is at least 120 degrees F.
C)Wash your hands and all cooking surfaces after handling raw beef.
D)Never take children to petting zoo or farm that has cattle present.
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