Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 52: The Reproductive Systems

Post Test

In humans the presence of the SRY gene causes: (p.1069)
A)the indifferent gonads to develop into ovaries.
B)the indifferent gonads to develop into testes.
C)the secretion of testosterone from the testes.
D)the secretion of estrogen from the ovaries.
E)none of the above
Why are rabbits and cats particularly fertile compared to other mammals? (p. 1072)
A)They have multiple births with large litters.
B)They have short gestation periods.
C)Females have a short estrus cycle.
D)The females only ovulate after copulation.
E)all of the above
What would happen in a male if FSH receptors on the Sertoli cells were blocked with a competitive inhibitor? (p 1076)
A)The secretion of testosterone would decrease.
B)The secretion of FSH would increase.
C)The secretion of FSH would decrease.
D)The secretion of LH would increase.
E)The secretion of GnRH would decrease.
In the human female ovarian cycle, increasing levels of _____ in the blood stimulate the _______ follicle to release its _______ oocyte. (p. 1078)
E)none of the above
The drug clomiphine is a competitive inhibitor of the estrogen receptor. This: (p. 1084)
A)is a treatment for female infertility.
B)is a method of contraception.
C)increases FSH and LH production.
D)decreases progesterone production.
E)both a and c
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