Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 52: The Reproductive Systems

Video Quiz - New Fertility Boost

Objective: Explain the implications of current research on combining fertility drugs with dehydroepiandrosterone.

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What was one of the requests made by the fertility physician’s patient?
A)To place her harvested eggs in a surrogate donor.
B)To find viable sperm donors for her eggs.
C)To harvest her eggs and freeze them until she was ready to use them.
D)To clone a frozen embryo of hers.

What was one of the perceived impasses of fulfilling her requests?
A)There have been no successful embryo’s conceived by donor sperm.
B)Her age made it a bad option for harvesting her eggs and using them.
C)Her body rejected all fertility drugs used.
D)There have been no frozen embryo’s implanted successfully.

What was dehydroepiandrosterone being sold for as an over the counter medication?
A)It is a commonly used fertility drug.
B)It stimulates sperm production in males.
C)It is a natural alternative to estrogen replacement therapy.
D)It has been marketed as an anti-aging drug.

What happened to the individual who coupled the fertility drugs with DHEA?
A)She remained unsuccessful in conceiving a child.
B)Her production of viable eggs was significantly increased.
C)She had a negative reaction to the combination, which caused DHEA to be pulled off the market.
D)Her monthly cycles were altered and viable eggs were being made weekly.

Which of the following identifies DHEA production in humans?
A)It is a steroid hormone actually made by the adrenal glands.
B)It is converted into testosterone and estrogen.
C)It is a synthetic medication that is not produced in humans.
D)Two of the above are true
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