Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 55: Population Ecology

Video Quiz - Big Fish Small Fish

Objective: Identify the impact of commercial fishing on the population size of certain species and offer suggested regulations and modifications in fishing practices to ensure that these populations are maintained.

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Which of the following statements best describes the findings about black rockfish population dynamics?
A)Rockfish populations have stabilized due to fishing regulations on catch size.
B)Larvae from older female rockfish grew faster and survived longer without food than the fish that came from young mothers.
C)Larvae from younger fish were notably much stronger as they developed.
D)Rockfish populations have risen due to the lack of natural predators.

How is the age of rockfish determined?
A)Examining the length of their caudal fin.
B)Size of the scales on the ventral side.
C)Counting the rings in the fish otilus (ear bones).
D)Weighing the fish.

In the controlled study on rockfish, what was the key to larval survival?
A)The temperature of the water that the larvae were raised in.
B)The amount of available algae and protozoa for the larvae to feed on.
C)The size of the oil droplet given to the larvae by its’ mother.
D)The fact that they had no natural predators to endanger them.

What suggestion is being made to help Rockfish populations continue to thrive?
A)Using hook and line fishing rather than trawling.
B)Stock the species of fish by cloning them and releasing them into various environments.
C)Establishing regulations that set an upper limit, not just a lower limit on the size of fish allowed to be caught.
D)Two of the above
E)All of the above

If catching strategies can’t be controlled effectively, what is the other key suggestion being made to manage Rockfish numbers?
A)Prohibit all fishing during the spawning season.
B)Ban all rockfish fishing entirely.
C)Place a high fee on Rockfish fishing licenses.
D)Call on environmental groups to picket and protest the harvesting of Rockfish.
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