Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 55: Population Ecology

Video Quiz - Hungry Reindeer

Objective: Identify the impact that changes in temperature/climate have on reindeer populations.

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One of the impacts of increased global temperature is:
A)increased ultraviolet exposure
B)more available water that is no longer frozen
C)a decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
D)a change in the ratio of snow to rain

What is a key concern for reindeer that global warming creates?
A)production of ice which prevents them from getting to their food supply
B)alteration of their hormone cycles involved in mating
C)excessive winter fur
D)habitat full of ice becomes difficult to move in

The primary food supply for reindeer is:
A)nuts and berries
B)pine needles
C)moss and lichens
D)various insects

What reindeer habitat would be most compromised by excessive ice?
B)coniferous forest

If the prediction models hold true, what is one of the likely events that will occur due to the increased rain on snow phenomenon?
A)shift in reindeer migrations to the north
B)extinction of reindeer populations
C)reindeer migrating south to find warmer climates
D)reindeer altering their food choices
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