Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 56: Community Ecology

Pre Test

Which concept of a biological community predicts that a community should remain stable over time? (p. 1168 )
A)the individualistic concept
B)the integrative concept
C)the synergistic concept
D)the holistic concept
E)the systemic concept
The ecological niche of an organism is the total of all the ways it uses the resources of its environment. Why are species sometimes unable to occupy their entire niche? (p. 1170)
A)The species has not yet reached an equilibrium state.
B)The niche itself is not stable and continually changing so the species is never fully adapted.
C)both a and b
D)Because of interactions with other species.
Will selection be stronger on the prey to evolve defenses or on the predators to evolve mechanisms to counter these defenses? (p 1175)
A)the prey
B)the predators
C)on both equally
D)impossible to predict
Commensalism is a type of symbiosis in which: (p. 1179)
A)both species benefit equally.
B)one species benefits while the other is harmed.
C)both species are harmed.
D)one species benefits while the other is not affected either positively or negatively.
Ecological succession occurs because: (p. 1184)
A)the environment is always changing.
B)of competition between species.
C)it takes a long time to reach an equilibrium state.
D)species alter the habitat in ways that favour other species.
E)all of the above
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