Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 56: Community Ecology

Video Quiz - Salmon Farming

Objective: Detail the value of interdependency amongst species both in the wild and in commercial settings.

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What species were joined together in this integrated aquaculture research project?
A)Trout, snails and algae
B)Grouper, squid and elodea
C)Salmon, mussels and seaweed
D)Snapper, scallops and kelp

Normally commercial aquaculture raises a single species for production. What is the key disadvantage to this type of farming?
A)The species can become susceptible to disease by the accumulation of waste and uneaten food.
B)A highly profitable species cannot be raised successfully by themselves.
C)The species has the risk of being consumed by predators.
D)If the species becomes exposed to a pathogen, only that species dies.

Which of the following statements is true about the species relationships involved in this integrated aquaculture approach?
A)The mussels eat the seaweeds.
B)The seaweeds combine the dissolved nutrients with solar energy to grow.
C)The salmon eat the waste produced by the mussels.
D)The seaweeds produce waste products that the salmon consume.

The findings of this research project indicated all of the following except:
A)The mussels reached commercial size in a much shorter time.
B)The seaweeds grew twice as fast as those grown without salmon.
C)The nutrient levels in the water were dramatically lowered.
D)The salmon population was reduced.

Which of the following is NOT an issue faced by those who want to see integrated aquaculture farming used more extensively?
A)Continued concerns about PCBs and heavy metals gathering in farmed salmon as a result of their diet.
B)Uncertainties about the danger of passing any of the toxins from the fish waste into the other two species.
C)Research findings suggest that there is little economic gain that can be demonstrated with this farming approach.
D)Regulations in some countries that prohibit shellfish and finfish from being raised in close proximity.
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