Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 57: Dynamics of Ecosystems

Video Quiz - Warming Hurts Rice

Objective: Identify the studies being done on rice crops to examine the impact that climatic changes/global warming may be having on their productivity.

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Why is rice such an important staple?
A)It is easy to prepare.
B)It doesn’t easily become susceptible to spoiling.
C)It feeds a major portion of the world population daily.
D)It grows very easily in many diverse habitats.

What is this particular study on rice concerned over?
A)There is strong evidence of a tight link between rising temperatures that are consistent with global warming and a reduction in rice yield.
B)Many countries are now banning the planting of rice since it is not a high economic cash crop.
C)The rice fields are being encroached on by rapidly rising human populations that need the areas to live.
D)The rice is believed to be contaminated by non-point water pollution sources.

Which of the following identifies a major component of the researchers findings?
A)Rice productivity showed no correlation with the temperature that it is grown in.
B)Rice yields dropped by 10% for each one degree Centigrade rise in night temperature.
C)Rice yields increased as the environmental temperature increased.
D)Rice productivity increased when it was grown with a legume like soybeans.

Besides sunlight and temperature, what other aspects must be considered when looking at rice yield?
A)water quality
C)soil quality
D)two of the above
E)all of the above

The conclusion drawn in this particular study was:
A)Rice is a hearty crop for meeting the needs of our growing human population.
B)The temperature that rice is grown is has no apparent affect on rice yield.
C)Rice should be used more extensively than soy, barley, or corn.
D)Simulation models are needed that accurately reflect the differential effects of global warming on day versus nighttime temperatures.
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