Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 58: The Biosphere

Pre Test

Biomes that normally occur far north of the equator at sea level also occur in the tropics at high mountain elevations. This is because the composition of biomes is influenced directly by: (p. 1215 )
C)barometric pressure.
D)day length.
E)all of the above
Biomes are defined by the characteristic vegetational structures, climatic conditions and by the particular species of plants present. (p. 1217)
Eutrophic ponds and lakes are densely populated with algae, consequently: (p 1222)
A)dissolved oxygen levels in the water are low.
B)light does not penetrate to any great depth.
C)fish such as trout survive very well.
D)both a and b
E)all of the above
Coral reef ecosystems are unique because: (p. 1225)
A)they have the highest number of species of any ecosystem.
B)of the three-dimensional habitat created by the coral.
C)of the symbiotic relationships that occur among the species.
D)they occur in the tropics and subtropics.
E)all of the above
What is probably the greatest direct threat to terrestrial habitats? (p. 1228)
A)acid rain
C)soil pollution
D)global warming
E)all of the above
Global warming and cooling episodes have occurred in the past. The global warming occurring presently is thought to be different from previous episodes because: (p. 1233)
A)It is not different.
B)it is more rapid than in the past.
C)it will impact humans for the first time.
D)it is probably caused by human activity.
E)both b and d
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