Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 58: The Biosphere

Video Quiz - Lead Soil Solution

Objective: Detail how biosolids are being used to assist in lead containment.

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Where is lead contamination of greatest continued concern?
A)Tropical Rain forests
B)Inner Cities
C)Aquatic ecosystems
D)The atmosphere

What were two of the original sources of lead contamination?
D)a and c
E)b and c

What are biosolids?
A)The total number of producers in the ecosystem
B)A measure of the variety of living organisms
C)Synthetic materials that mimic cellulose
D)A byproduct of waste water treatment

What is the suggested role of biosolids in lead confinement?
A)It is able to break down the lead until it is no longer dangerous
B)It is able to help the lead be more water soluble so it is removed by rain.
C)It increases the ability of the soil to hold on to the lead.
D)It converts the lead into aluminum by removing electrons from the lead atoms.

Besides lead containment abilities, what is a secondary benefit that would come from using biosolids?
A)a fertilizer for the soil
B)a new alternative fuel
C)an additive for paint
D)a food source for livestock
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