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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Perspectives on Leadership in Small Groups
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Important concepts in small group communication are leadership and leader. Leadership relates to a ___________, while a leader is a ___________.
A)concept; theory
B)cultural trait; behavior
C)process; person
D)all of the above

Human communication that modifies the attitudes and behaviors of others in order to meet group goals and needs is the definition of:
B)a leader
C)group goals
D)group dynamics

Which of the following has been identified as a source of power in leadership?
C)legitimate referent
D)all of the above

Legitimate power in leadership stems from:
A)organizational authority
B)a role acknowledged by the followers
C)leadership skills
D)identification with other leaders

What is referent power in leadership?
A)power that stems from a person's leadership skills
B)power that is designated by an organizational authority
C)power that group members acknowledge because of special circumstances
D)power that is based on attraction or identification with another person

The more leaders are admired and respected, the more members ___________ their behavior.

Which source of power comes from what others believe a member knows or can do?
A)expert power
B)referent power
C)legitimate power
D)designated power

A person in a group that is elected or appointed to a leadership position is called a:
B)designated leader
C)referent leader
D)expert leader

The advantage in small groups with a designated leader is:
A)having someone in the group delineate power among members
B)having someone in the group available to answer to the organization
C)having someone in the group to coordinate the flow of communication and the work of members
D)all of the above

The process whereby one individual who starts out on an equal basis with other members but who emerges to be perceived as the group's leader is:
A)leadership emergence
B)leadership designation
C)leadership reference
D)all of the above

Which of the following is a trait of self-monitoring in terms of leadership?
A)sensitivity to contextual cues
B)social perception
C)ability to respond flexibly in a given situation
D)all of the above

Which of the following traits of verbal style is associated with leadership emergence?
A)idea giving
B)low in stating opinions
C)knowledgeable about the group's task
D)all of the above

The examination of characteristics relating to leadership, such as enthusiasm, verbal skills, creativity, critical thinking ability, and self-confidence, is referred to as a:
A)traits approach
B)communication approach
C)styles approach
D)situational approach

Appropriate leader behaviors in a group are shaped by the ___________ of the group.

Which of the following approaches to the examination of leadership focuses on the pattern of behaviors a leader exhibits in a group?
A)trait approach
B)behavior approach
C)communication approach
D)styles approach

Which of the following types of leaders encourages members to participate in group decisions, including policy-making decisions?
A)autocratic leaders
B)democratic leaders
D)all of the above

Which of the following types of leader is most likely to say whatever the group does is fine with him or her?
A)laissez-faire leaders
B)democratic leaders
C)autocratic leaders
D)designated leaders

Which of the following assumptions is characteristic of contingency approaches to leadership?
A)Group situations vary with different situations, requiring different leadership styles.
B)Members' skills and experience will affect the type of leadership likely to be effective.
C)Cultural values will affect the type of leadership likely to be effective.
D)all of the above

According to Fieldler's contingency theory, which of the following factors is most related to appropriate leader behaviors?
A)leader-member relations
B)task structure
C)strength of leader position power
D)all of the above

Which of the following is not considered to be an effective communicative competency for discussion leaders?
A)Effective group leaders inspire team members' confidence in themselves.
B)Effective group leaders express individual-centered concern.
C)Effective group leaders respect and support others.
D)Effective group leaders promote celebration of diversity and sensitive diversity management.

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