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Speech Transcripts
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Disk 1 Title of Speech
  Speech Excerpts (134.0K)
Disk 2 Title of Speech
1. A Heart Worn on My Hand (26.0K) (Self-Introduction)
2.My Life from Toe to Head (26.0K) (Self-Introduction)
3. My Eye on the World (22.0K) (Self-Introduction)
4. Rhymes with Orange (23.0K) (Introducing a Classmate)
5.Steady and True (26.0K) (Introducing a Classmate)
6. The Massachusetts 54th (27.0K) (Commemorative)
7.My Crazy Aunt Sue (27.0K) (Commemorative)
8. Questions of Culture (33.0K) (Commemorative)
9. Acupuncture: New Uses for an Ancient Remedy (30.0K) (Informative)
10. The Hidden World of Chili Peppers (30.0K) (Informative)
11. Feng Shui (40.0K) (Informative)
12. CPR (31.0K) (Informative: Demonstration)
13. Sign Language (25.0K) (Informative: Demonstration)
14. The Great Wall of China (28.0K) (Informative)
15. Putting the Brakes on Teenage Driving (31.0K) (Persuasive)
16. Making a Difference Through the Special Olympics (29.0K) (Persuasive)
17. The Ultimate Gift (31.0K) (Persuasive)
18. Bursting the Antibacterial Bubble (32.0K) (Persuasive)

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