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Drafting and Revising Practice Exercise
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Which of the following is a wise thing to do when writing a first draft?
A)Ignore the notes you made during prewriting.
B)Pay close attention to paragraph structure and length.
C)Use your outline as a blueprint or guide.
When is the logical time to focus on and correct errors in grammar?
A)When you write your first draft.
B)When you revise your paper.
C)When you edit your paper
Which of the following best describes a paper's first draft?
A)It contains very few grammatical errors.
B)It contains paragraphs that may need to be restructured, rewritten, and expanded.
C)It follows your outline line by line.
What question are you least likely to ask when revising a draft?
A)Does my paper need more detail?
B)Should I include more transitions?
C)Is my punctuation correct?
What is another name for a preliminary thesis statement?
A)A working thesis
B)A formal thesis
C)A topic sentence

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