Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 18: Genomics

Pre Test

Which of the following is NOT true of a comparison between a genetic and a physical map? (p. 352)
A)The order of the genes determined by each form of mapping is similar, but sometimes not identical.
B)They give different types of data because their units are based on different methods of analysis.
C)The physical map has a higher degree of resolution than the genetic map.
D)Cloned genes can be used directly to determine its position in a physical map, but must be mapped using a cross in the genetic map.
E)Physical map distances are uniform, while genetic map distances may vary between mapped gene pairs.
True or false: The shotgun cloning technique requires more computer processing than a clone-by-clone sequencing method. (p. 354)
Which of the following statements about genomes is FALSE? (p. 358)
A)Each human cell contains about 2 m of DNA, but only about 2.5 cm of it encodes genetic information.
B)Alternative splicing can account for having ORFs in DNA than the number of proteins in the organism.
C)Structural DNA encodes the majority of genetic information in eukaryotic genomes.
D)There is little correlation between organism complexity and the amount of DNA in its genome.
True or false: Microarrays not only indicate which genes are present in a particular organism, they also can provide information about the degree to which they are expressed. (p. 362)
How might genomics be most likely applied to alleviate stresses caused by environmental change, such as global warming? (p. 366)
A)We could engineer humans to tolerate higher temperatures.
B)Ethical dilemmas about using genetic information will break down boundaries regarding application of science, making the public more amenable to scientific solutions.
C)Genomes from vastly different organisms can be fused to create resistant hybrids.
D)Genes which provide resistance to environmental stresses in different species could be identified and exploited in agriculturally important organisms.
E)Genetics and global warming are incompatible fields of science.
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