Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 18: Genomics

Video Quiz - World Trade Center DNA

Objective: Explain how DNA technology has been directly responsible for the identification of victims of 911.

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What has been critical to making identifications of the victims of the World Trade center disaster?
A)Dental records
C)DNA typing
D)Hair samples

What became the hurdle in using DNA samples found at ground zero?
A)Privacy rights of the victims
B)Cost of analyzing the DNA
C)Time to process the DNA
D)Damaged DNA

What was the problem with the World Trade center samples?
A)The DNA was exposed to extreme temperatures and moisture
B)The DNA was to complicated to evaluate
C)The DNA was not obtained carefully
D)The DNA was completely destroyed

What new type of DNA analysis had to be created to accommodate the degraded samples found at the World trade center?
B)Plasmid insertions
D)Single-nucleotide polymorphisms

What has been the hurdle in using alternative forensic techniques?
A)There is a lack of trained researchers to explore alternatives.
B)The software used to analyze these samples is being reprogrammed so it can handle different types of DNA data.
C)DNA can only be fingerprinted if it is not degraded, so there are no alternatives possible.
D)The use of single letter differences in individual human DNA is only hypothetical at this time.
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