Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 44: The Nervous System

Pre Test

Interneurons: (p .870)
A)occur in the central nervous system.
B)occur in the peripheral nervous system.
C)link afferent and efferent neurons.
D)both a and c
E)none of the above
When a neuron is not being stimulated it maintains: (p. 872)
A)a resting potential.
B)an action potential.
C)a charge difference across the cell membrane, with a positive charge inside the cell and negative outside.
D)a neutral state.
E)both a and c
Neurotransmitters: (p. 878)
A)are chemical signals.
B)are broken down slowly after they are released.
C)occur in gap junctions.
D)are released by the postsynaptic cell.
E)all of the above
The brains of fishes: (p. 885)
A)continue growing throughout their lives.
B)have a prominent hind brain.
C)have changed very little over 500 million years.
D)none of the above
E)all of the above
The peripheral nervous system: (p. 892)
A)has two divisions: the sympathetic and the asympathetic.
B)has two divisions: the somatic and the autonomic.
C)functions only to receive information from the environment.
D)functions only to carry responses to effectors (e.g. muscle cells).
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