Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 44: The Nervous System

Video Quiz - Meth and the Brain

Objective: Identify how the drug Crystal Methamphetamine impacts the brain and its function.

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What part of the brain’s circuitry is hindered by taking Crystal Meth?
A)The cerebellum
B)The medulla
C)The corpus callosum
D)The pre-frontal cortex

What is the key role that the pre-frontal cortex regulates and is determined to be altered by crystal meth?
A)amygdala responsible for emotion
B)cerebellum responsible for coordination and balance
C)ventricles responsible for production and circulation of cerebrospinal fluid
D)occipital lobe responsible for vision sensory input

Why do many users of crystal meth fall back into its use after they have quit?
A)Peer pressure
B)Withdrawal tremors occur
C)A sense of severe depression occurs without it
D)Their body is physiologically addicted to it.

What is a new treatment approach that has stemmed from the research done on crystal meth?
A)User support groups
B)Anti-depression drugs
C)Complete isolation
D)A crystal meth alternative that is not addictive.
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