Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 44: The Nervous System

Video Quiz - Wild Young Brains

Objective: Detail how studies reveal a connection to maternal care and gene expression of serotonin as determined by observed behaviors.

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The chemical made by the brain that was studies in this experiment was:

People who produce less serotonin have symptoms including:
A)muscle tremors
D)2 of the above
E)All of the above

In the study conducted on monkeys, those producing less serotonin exhibited which of the following behaviors?
A)extreme dependency and bonding to their mother
B)difficulties getting along with other monkeys
C)severe convulsions
D)loss of appetite

What was one of the correlated studies done with this research?
A)A measure of weight loss experienced by monkeys deprived of maternal care
B)A measure of alcohol consumption in peer bred monkeys versus mother reared-monkeys
C)A measure of amount of sleep each monkey had per day
D)Amount of sexual activity the monkeys engaged in

A key aspect of this study was:
A)The interaction of maternal care and genes in determining behavior.
B)The impact of peers on pressuring to drink.
C)The vital role of sleep on lowering aggressive behavior.
D)The involvement of nutrition in lowering anxiety.
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