Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 44: The Nervous System

Video Quiz - Paralysis Push

Objective: Identify the significant impacts that continued research in spinal cord injury repair has.

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Why is there a call for new national efforts in spinal cord research?
A)There are over 1000 new cases of spinal injury reported each year.
B)It will help justify the research done with stem cells.
C)There are 25 million people in the United States who are debilitated by injuries to the spinal cord.
D)This is the easiest to raise funds for because of people’s interest in the topic.

Which of the following is not an example of therapeutic advances for individuals with spinal cord injury.
A)emergency medical treatment
B)advances in neuroscience
C)rehabilitation techniques
D)improved brain surgery techniques

What two practices in spinal cord injury treatment are still unclear as to their benefit?
A)electrical shock to the damaged nerve tissue
B)use of prednisone
C)surgical decompression
D)A and C
E)B and C

What has been the most recent discovery in terms of nerve cells?
A)That they use several types of neurotransmitters.
B)There are several types of nerve cells.
C)Adult nerve cells are capable of regrowing.
D)They comprise the tissue found in the spinal cord.

For many chronically paralyzed spinal cord patients the hope to walk again is nearly matched by which of the following?
A)Methods for relieving pain
B)Help with bladder and bowel function
C)Help with sexual function
D)Two of the above
E)All of the above
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