Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 54: Behavioral Biology

Post Test

A fixed action pattern: (p. 1116)
A)is learned.
B)is triggered by a sign stimulus.
C)occurs at regular intervals.
D)is non-adaptive behavior.
E)all of the above
Pair bonding after mating occurs in a species of vole. Suppose these voles are injected with a chemical that blocks the action of the neuropeptide oxytocin, and now pair bonding does not occur. What would you predict about the brain structure of this species? (p. 1119)
A)It has few receptors for this neuropeptide.
B)It has many receptors for this neuropeptide.
C)It is totally different from other species of vole.
D)It is impossible to tell from these observations alone.
A cat that salivates at the sound of a can being opened is exhibiting: (p. 1120)
A)operant conditioning.
B)instinctive behavior.
C)Pavlovian conditioning.
D)classical conditioning.
E)both c and d
If a young white-crowned sparrow becomes deaf after it hears its species' song during the critical period it will: (p. 1123)
A)sing perfectly well as an adult.
B)not sing at all.
C)sing an incorrect song.
D)sing a poorly developed version of the song.
E)It is impossible to predict what will happen.
Two species of sea otter use rocks as "anvils" to open clams. However, in species A each individual otter keeps the same rock which it uses many times, but otters in species B use a rock only once, discard it and pick up a new rock when they feed on a clam. Which species exhibits cognition? (p.1124)
A)neither species show cognition, both only exhibit tool use
B)both species exhibit cognition
C)only species B exhibits cognition
D)only species A exhibits cognition
Homing pigeons have the ability to detect the Earth's magnetic field and use it for orientation when flying under overcast conditions. What would you predict would happen if you fixed a small bar magnet on a pigeon's head and released it on a cloudy day? (p.1126 )
A)It will fly off in the correct direction towards home.
B)It will fly off in exactly the opposite direction of home.
C)It will be unable to fly at all.
D)It will fly off in a random direction.
E)It is impossible to predict what will happen.
Signals used by animals for communication vary in their specificity. Which type of signal is the most specific? (p.1130)
A)pheromones used by mammals for territorial marking
C)alarm calls of birds
D)alarm pheromone of honeybees
Shore crabs tend to feed on intermediate sized mussels rather than on the largest ones because: (p.1131 )
A)they are unable to open the largest ones.
B)there are no large ones left as they are eaten by other predators.
C)this maximizes their net energy gain.
D)only certain trace elements occur in the intermediate sized mussels.
E)it is a matter of chance; the intermediate sized mussels are the most common.
Sexual dimorphism is the result of: (p.1135)
A)intrasexual selection.
B)intersexual selection.
C)sexual selection.
D)differences in nutrition between the sexes.
E)none of the above
Queens of some ants, bees and wasp species mate with a number of unrelated males. Suppose that a queen mates twice and the sperm mixes evenly, what would be the average relatedness among her daughters in the colony? (p.1140 )
E)none of the above
Which feature is not shown by eusocial Hymenoptera (ants, wasps and bees)? (p.1142)
A)reproductive division of labor
B)workers having different tasks
C)a dominant queen
D)male workers
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