Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 54: Behavioral Biology

Video Quiz - Big Bad Wolf

Objective: Provide reasons why the general public have retained fears about wolves and the implications that moving them from an endangered status to threatened might have on their population numbers.

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Which state had eradicated wolves entirely by the mid-1950’s?
C)North Dakota

What effort brought back some of the wolf population?
A)Federal government’s listing of wolf as an endangered species
B)Reduction in value of wolf fur
C)Less humans live in areas where wolves do
D)Increased number of pups born to a litter

What was thought to be a way to increase people’s tolerance of wolves in the area?
A)cash compensation for losses
B)increased education about wolf behavior
C)better fencing available to ranchers
D)expanded hunting season

What was one of the conclusions drawn about human interaction with wolves?
A)The more money that is provided, the easier it is to tolerate wolf presence
B)Wolves are naturally afraid of human presence
C)Fears of attack override any monetary compensation program
D)Wolves and humans can not live in the same area

Which of the following statements regarding wolves is true?
A)Wolves are now facing extinction due to human eradication programs.
B)Wolves are reducing their predatory behavior.
C)There is no record of a wolf attacking and harming a human.
D)Wolves have caused much more damage than bears have.
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