Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 54: Behavioral Biology

Video Quiz - Flirting Flies

Objective: Understand the procedure scientists use for tagging fruit fly genes to determine how these genes control phenotypic expression.

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What is the sexual attraction certain species of female fruit flies have toward their male counterparts?
A)A unique flicker of light patterns
B)A strong chemical attractant that is released
C)A black spot on the wings
D)A sound produced by rubbing their wings

Every gene has instructions for expression which include:
A)the DNA that performs the work.
B)The DNA to determine when it should be expressed.
C)the DNA that tells where to perform the work.
D)A and C
E)B and C

How was the gene in this species of fruit fly tagged for study?
A)Radioactive glucose
B)Green fluorescent protein genes
C)Carbon 14
D)Cobalt 60

What was determined when these genes were “tagged” for observation?
A)The fluorescent glow was inactivated in both species of fly.
B)There was equal expression of the fluorescence in both species of fly.
C)They found that the DNA instructions from the spotted fly could turn on the glow while those from species withhout spots could not
D)The genes for spot production turned on in the species that did not normally have it.

This study’s greatest relevance is in the area of:
A)Regulatory mechanisms in genes which control the evolving of the genes expression.
B)The value of introns and exons in producing the gene product
C)Geneology studies of insects to show evolutionary patterns
D)Animal reproductive behavior as exhibited in fruit flies
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