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Dominick:Dynamics of Mass Communication
Dynamics of Mass Communication: Media in the Digital Age, 7/e
Joseph R. Dominick

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Chapter 1: Communication: Mass and Other Forms
Chapter 2: Perspectives on Mass Communication
Chapter 3: The Historical and Cultural Context
Chapter 4: Newspapers
Chapter 5: Magazines
Chapter 6: Book Publishing
Chapter 7: Radio
Chapter 8: Sound Recording
Chapter 9: Motion Pictures
Chapter 10: Television
Chapter 11: Computers and the Internet
Chapter 12: News Gathering and Reporting
Chapter 13: Public Relations
Chapter 14: The Structure of the Advertising Industry
Chapter 15: Formal Controls: Laws, Rules, Regulations
Chapter 16: Ethics and Other Informal Controls
Chapter 17: The Global Village: International and Comparative Media Systems
Chapter 18: Social Effects of Mass Communication