Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 49: The Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

Video Quiz - A Burger A Day

Objective: Explain how plant sterols serve to lower cholesterol in humans and extend this concept to discussing the pros and cons over incorporating them into food consumables.

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Why are plant sterols such an area of nutritional interest?
A)They are easier to digest then animal molecules.
B)They are not naturally found in plants, but have potential as a genetically modified foods.
C)They are structurally similar to cholesterol, but people’s digestive systems don’t absorb them.
D)They are able to be converted into cholesterol when absorbed into the blood stream.

What possible cholesterol reduction role do plant sterols play?
A)They are able to stop the absorption of LDL cholesterol.
B)They are able to stop the uptake of HDL on the liver cells receptors.
C)They are able to help fats take up LDL and not HDL.
D)They are able to promote filtration of LDL at the kidney.

What did the research study on use of plant sterols suggest?
A)There is not significant impact of consuming plant sterols on total cholesterol.
B)There is only significant impact on cholesterol levels when a modified diet is maintained.
C)There was a drop in total cholesterol and LDL’s with the group who had consumed plant sterol ground beef.
D)The test group who consumed the ground beef had no cholesterol found in their bodies.

What are “statins”?
A)A type of electrical energy that aids in producing static electricity.
B)A measure of homeostasis.
C)A type of instrument used to detect cholesterol levels.
D)A class of drugs used to help lower cholesterol levels.

The Food and Drug Administration have identified plant sterols as safe. What are some concerns about the use of these for general consumption?
A)There are a few people whose digestive systems absorb plant sterols.
B)There have not been enough tests on their long term use.
C)The plant sterols are only effective in controlled test environments.
D)There is no found value in using plant sterols in consumable foods.
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