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Exercise 3-4.4
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Cut through the journalistic claptrap and simplify the following:


The scientists at the World Health Organization subjected the data to intense scrutiny before issuing the alert.

If not contained with speed, they warned, the virus could spread exponentially and achieve plague status.

The president huddled with his advisers and then acted with a speed that shocked his political opponents and the media world.

In a surprise move, the president went on the offense and called Congress back into session.

Heightening the drama was the fact that he had called them back from midterm holidays amid adverse weather conditions in Washington.

Amid allegations of political opportunism and claims that he had overstepped his authority, the president launched an offensive to convince Congress of the urgent need for action.

An important part of implementing his strategy was to nullify the impact of decisions enacted by political operators with hidden agendas.

If he didn't act immediately to empower his allies and forestall his opponents, he knew he later might have to put down a bloody uprising by militant members of his own party.

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