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Exercise 3-5.13
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Quizzes: AP Style > Copy editing a story for AP style: "New Dean"

Edit the following for style errors. You may also work with a digital or hard copy version of "New Dean."
New Dean (40.0K)

         Mr. Gerald Jay Powell, chairman of the Marketing Department at Marsh College, has been named Dean of Walsh University's college of business and public administration, the University announced Thursday.
          Mr. Powell will start his new $105,000-a-year job on Wednesday, January 11th.
          In making the announcement, W.U. provost Ms. Helen B. Kemmer praised Powell as well-spoken, creative, and "100% dean material."
          "I sought him out," Ms. Kemmer said. "Then, we worked to persuade him that moving from Oakland (California) was a good idea. Gerald's in the marketing field and has many terrific ideas about connecting the college to our local business community."
          Mr. Powell replaces Former Dean Mr. Oscar Markowitz, who resigned from the post 2 years ago to take a job as Director of Washington Pacific University's School of Business. Ms. Ellery King has been Acting Dean since Mr. Markowitz' departure.
          Mr. Powell became an Associate Professor of Marketing in 1998 at Hiller College, where he later served as an associate dean of the school's department of business and economic development and oversaw a $54,000,000 campus re-development project.

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