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Exercise 3-5.14
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Quizzes: AP Style > Copy editing a story for AP style: "Break-In"

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Break-In (41.0K)

          Boarstown police responded Tuesday morning to a break-in reported at Elmer's Wholesale Poultry at 34 E Johnson Street.
          35 twelve-pound turkeys were missing from the 3-year-old store, police said.
          "Whoever it was came through a small, barred window," said Dwight Desharnais, junior, who runs the store. "Looks like they pried the bars open."
          The total value of the turkeys was about 700 dollars, Desharnais said.
          A man walking his dog by the store at 5 in the morning told police he saw 2 men carrying turkeys from the store to a white pickup truck with a crumpled right rear bumper.
          The witness, who asked that his name not be used because the men are still at large, said he thought the men were working for the store.
          Police are looking for a stocky and muscular 6' 1" male in his mid-twenties, last seen wearing a plaid red and black lumberjack coat, and a 5' 8" male in his forties or fifties wearing a hooded gray sweatshirt.
          Some of the turkeys were to be sent to lieutenant governor Philo Shamus's Thanksgiving feast tonight at Yountville Community Church on High St.
          "We'll be eating vegetables and rice instead," said The Rev. Horace Bloodswell, who is working with Shamus on the event.

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